Millenium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles

July 2, 2012 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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Well this hotel is just the fabulous old world of Los Angeles when elegance and european charm and grandness was the key.

You walk into the ballrooms and can just feel the old stars that came here for Academy Award events and special dinners, balls etc.  Love it.

I do a wedding here every few years and really enjoy it.  Valerie in the catering/sales office has been there for around 7 years and she is just very easy to work with and calm, no matter what else could be going on.

So this wedding was for the lovely Ruba, I had done her friend’s wedding last year and it was lovely to see my past bride now nearly a year into married life.   We did a ceremony in the smaller ballroom, which was then turned for cocktails, and did the dinner/dancing in the Crystal Ballroom.  A beautiful beautiful room with the balconies (one of which you cut the cake from with all the guests looking up at you).  We did a mix of round tables with two nice long ones inbetween, I like that.

With this ballroom you can go light colored linens, which softens the look of the overall room/atmosphere and Ruba was considering that at one point, but when we started to chat about darker colored linens we both immediately felt the richness and boy it turned out fabulous.

Thanks to Michael of Evoke Photography for these pics, he was lovely to work with.  I especially love the dining room shot from above.  The pics below showcase the hotel, but also a couple of neat shots he took that caught my eye, the guys in the foyer/hall area, and note how the guys had the traffic stop right in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, love it.  Everyone loves a wedding even those always in a rush LA folks.

Something I noticed at the end of last season and am seeing it already starting to be a trend for this coming season, the lighting companies are throwing in over the top number of uplights and as a couple you think that is great, whoever offers more for less money is where you end up going.  No matter what color you do in uplights, light or dark, just remember they are lights, which means you are lightening the room.  We had 52 uplights in the ballroom and we turned the hotels can lighting off, and the chandeliers/sconces down as low as we could and even at one point off, but the room never got dark for dancing.  Be careful with gobo patterns on walls also, they work to disguise a blank wall, but sometimes they can create a feeling of busy or not do anything to enhance the elegance of a room.

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