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Mariners Ballroom-Hyatt HB

I was looking very forward to this day. For one Christina is a beautiful girl, like my Indian brides with their beautiful eyes, Christina comes from a wonderful Phillipine background (boy I love my Phillipine mothers of the bride and groom, they laugh and laugh and keep the planning months a lot of fun and are just lovely lovely people) and I knew she was going to look stunning on her day, just like a model, beautiful, and those eyes, just gorgeous, and she had great taste when it came to the linens and what she wanted to do extra with chair finishes etc.  Plus I love Mariners, this is one time that I can understand picking a hotel that has ocean views but choosing to go to an enclosed room with no view, it is just a great space you can do so much with, I really do look forward to the day of the event and seeing the vision come to fruition.

They were getting married at the Mission in San Juan, and the ladies in charge of the church have it all under control there, so I focused on the reception at the hotel.  Where a lot of my brides in Mariners have gone eggplant/dark purple in colors total, Christina preferred the champagne colors for guest tables but the dark purple for the headtable &cake table.  We chose upgraded linens for all the tables that really gave that quality/thought about it look/feel, and we did the purple for the uplighting to frame the room, so it all blended and popped without being overpowering/too much.  For a group of 150ish in Mariners, it is great to do the cocktails on one side, dining/dancing in the other, and we play by opening the drapes inbetween those two areas as the event goes on.  Both areas were separated by the drapes being completely closed at first, then once dinner began one portion opened so the guests could see and have access to the bar (which we kept in the cocktail area), then once the dancing began we opened up the last area of drape that now had the whole room open and guests could choose where they wanted to be, at the dining tables or back at the cocktail tables.





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