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February 13, 2012 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations

Been very out and about over the past 7 days.  Had one couple in from out of state for three days and we were starting from scratch, location seeking and also getting a feel for some vendors.  We saw 18 locations and have it narrowed down to 2, 1 that seems to be the winner as of this minute, in Temecula.  Can’t wait to hear the final decision.  Then we can secure or let go some of the vendors we met with and get their location/vendors all sown up.  I kept them busy.

My other couple are very busy and from central CA and had 3 days to spend with me also .  Previously the bride and I had met with the photographer they had chosen from the options I had suggested for them, we met/booked, done.  This trip was floral/invites, and the groom was coming too.  I had 3 floral appts lined up (normally only suggest 2 but the groom wanted to ensure we saw a range) and a backup, each one was different in style/pricing.  After the first one we had had such a great time pulling the vision together with her, we nixed the others and went and ate instead.  Did some invite shopping.  As we had secured the cere music & dj by my recommendations/phone chats prior to this trip, we were now in great shape, and so we detailed out the whole wedding day with all our key team players in place, and then went and celebrated with a lovely meal and some champagne, we used all the time we had well, LOL.  Wedding planning coming along beautifully.  Next trip, tasting and more champagne, can’t wait.

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