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January 9, 2012 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations

My lovely ladies, assistants and I love a good placecard table.  We love the rounds (much better for access for the guests) & putting some kind of a teaser piece courtesy of the florist/designer in the center.  Below are just a few (the photos I got my hands on the quickest) to give a feel for different looks/feel/colors etc, all to enhance the theme or colors.

We have certainly seen our share of sand or moss boxes, trees with the placecards hanging, shells, rocks, favor/placecard combinations, framed blown up list on easels, your options are actually limitless it seems.  Just be careful, what you may see as creative and fun, some of the guests find just plain annoying (we get to hear their comments, you don’t).  If they can’t get to it due to ‘Uncle Fred’ taking his time finding his, they move on and either forget to come back or have to come back to the table before entering the room.  If the print is too small or the table is in a dark area, it takes longer & people get quite frustrated.  Having to check every hanging tag on a tree or board is annoying for them mostly and not really elegant when all you hear is people calling out names of people they have found hoping to be helpful.  If the table is outside you must consider a breeze/wind, sometimes those little holders with the card slipped in become like a sail boat and start flying all over, the base must be heavy and the slit for the card big enough to be secure.  Most guests don’t keep/do anything with the eiffel towers or whatever the stand is you want the cards to lean against/slot into, so don’t spend too much money, just enough to reinforce the theme and not be upset if you start to notice people leaving their little ‘stands’ on the tables. 

As this is really an information card to ensure no seating challenges at the dining area and the guests time at this table should be minimal (just passing/seconds), it should be easy to understand/make sense/quick to grab.

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