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January 4, 2012 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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We get to do a few smaller/intimate wedding celebrations at the Hyatt HB, but not a lot, so it makes me wonder if a lot of brides don’t consider or check with the hotel because they don’t know they have smaller venues.

Below I have  a couple of pics of the Sandpiper Room.  This is a lovely room that accommodates 74 max with dancing, and is normally paired with the Spa Courtyard for the ceremony, which is a lovely quiet/green/nature backdrop for the ceremony away from the hustle/bustle of the main lobby or convention area of the hotel.  For those who don’t want a ‘ green natural’ backdrop, then we can flip the ceremony and do it under shade with Palm Trees/sky in the background and maybe a bit of ocean.  The Sandpiper room is outside the lobby area doors beach side, and next to the Red Chair Lounge and a great outdoor firepit/sitting area, so if you decide to finish the celebration in the banquet room but not the celebration, you just move next door.  The Sandpiper has a patio area and the side of the room that opens to that patio is all window, so makes for a nice atmosphere.  We have done quite a few weddings here over the years since the hotel opened, the pics below are two brides from 2011, different room sets, the one you can see the full room in is not the normal setup (thank you Larry for the pics, lovely lovely man to work with and his end result of his work for you can be quite spectacular with the aid of photoshop/lenses and treatments he likes to do ), this bride wanted the dining tables all on one side and the dancefloor to the other.  The other pics are courtesy of lovely bride Michelle,  I enjoyed working with her and mom through the planning months to create this end result.  Unfortunately the photographer did not get any full room shots so this is the best I have to show you, but you can see how brides can use the same room, but with different colors etc, totally different feels. 

For a daytime celebration, after lunch service has ended and dancing is about to begin, I close the drapes if the couple likes, so people then forget it is daytime and suddenly with the candles/wall sconce lighting it feels like a night event.  For the evening events, with the candles and lighting in the room and sometimes just an uplight in each corner, we create a two fold event, the guests come in during the light or dusk, eat,  and once it is time to dance the room has a totally different/evening/party mood feel.

The other room for a celebration that is for 100 guests max is the Fountain Ballroom, I do about one wedding a year in this room.  After the ceremony (and a lot of times you get to use the main ceremony sites at inbetween times with this room) the guests go to the outside patio/foyer area for cocktails, then come into the room which has no windows, so once they are in there, again with the use of candles/uplight in each corner/cake light, people forget if it is a day time wedding.

There are also a few smaller banquet rooms that can do a nice lunch or dinner to follow an intimate ceremony for say 40 guest max/no dancing.  One has windows and I have done a few in this room, the guests eat/socialise and then leave when they are ready, very relaxed.  And there are a few without windows if you are wanting that dimly lit/romantic feel for the meal.   They also have a intimate formal dining/chefs table room that seats about 18, nice atmosphere already but add elevated candles and florals all along the center of the dining table you have created a really beautiful dining experience to follow a very intimate ceremony (maybe even standing in the sand across the street on the beach!!).

It would be our honor to assist you with your intimate celebration at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa.  We have been on the preferred vendor list since the hotel opened, so are very very familiar with the property, the catering team and the wonderful banquet staff who help us create a smooth wonderful celebration on the actual day.

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