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Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la

I feel so happy, each time I pop into the office right now to meet with someone or just pick up the mail, there is another card or two from one of my lovely couples from this year or a past year, you make me smile everyone, thanks.

Now onto my blog for today ……………

I feel so honored when I get to an event and realise it was only a select few who were invited, as was the case about a month ago, when I rolled up to the area of the address I had been sent, and then got on a shuttle and was taken to the front path of this very cool home on a cliff with the most awesome view of Los Angeles I have ever seen.  Sunset happened off to the right and then the city became just a sea of glimmering lights for the next couple of hours that I was there.

This is a home you can rent out and have a party or wedding celebration at.  Not the traditional setup for a large ceremony/group, but for a church wedding followed by casual/social celebration (we had a band and food stations and it worked fabulously), or an intimate group of say 30-40 where you could have a ‘traditional’  ceremony setup with Los Angeles as your backdrop, then dine inside the house at properly setup banquet tables/chairs/linens etc, then back outside for dancing by the pool and socialising by the firepit, all the while looking out to the glimmering city of lights.  Nice.  Whether locals or coming to LA for a hip/fab celebration, something like this is for sure going to make an impact/create memories.

The picture below is of one of the room inside this home and the view behind, the other big open room is right inside the front door and you enter and look across this lovely living room out to the open area with the pool/view beyond.

Let me know if something like this is appealing to you, and I can help.  I will caution you,  most of the time a home that is lived in could be needing financial assistance/or be on the market (think about it, if you had the money why would you allow strangers to come into your home and enjoy it or push you out on a weekend etc), long term planning not normally a good idea, but a celebration that may be happening in the next couple of months should be safe.

Thanks to hip/fab Lauren of Design Visage who happened to be at the event (they did the hair and makeup on some models that were walking around), for these photos.  It’s always great to see her and the DV team and their leader Karen, they are so fun and make my brides look fabulous on their day/for the whole day!!!

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