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Palm Springs

I had not been to Palm Springs for a few years and had the op to experience two of the properties out there recently, so off I went. 

Went in late Sept, the weather was still hot during the day but very nice at night to walk around in no sleeves/sit outside until very very late.  Any earlier would have probably been a bit too hot, and I love hot.

Hyatt Regency Palm Springs Suites  – right on the main road.  Great location to walk around, nice restaurants within walking distance if you want to leave the hotel.  As the name says, each room is a suite, quite a big living/tv area and then the bedroom with the good size balcony.  The restaurant area is awesome.  Very creative designer who has used the height of the lobby to ceiling area and created a restaurant out of this open space, very cool.  The pool area is lovely, very hip/cool vibe, plenty of sundeck and the bar in that area as well as in the lobby (by the looks of thing a hip hangout place for locals and visitors) both offer great champagne options you don’t see elsewhere.  There is a sundeck above the outside bar that has outdoor lounge furniture, so another nice spot to hang/relax.  I was quite impressed.  I see this property more for pre wedding events/get togethers when having the wedding elsewhere in Palm Springs, great for the Hyatt loyals who want to stay Hyatt no matter which hotel your event may be at, and turns into a great option to invite everyone to experience during the events.

Villa Royale Inn-ok this boutique property kind of takes you back in time, hey day of Palm Springs/hollywood stars type feel.  The restaurant is old elegant/get dressed up style that you don’t see anymore (kind of sad), rooms-varying sizes/looks/feel are fine, two pool areas and a great staff very willing and able to help.  They have a lovely courtyard where a ceremony would be held (actually have a couple of nice areas, another for an intimate group), couple of options for the cocktails, but dinner/dancing would be done around the larger pool/center area of the hotel.  If you have a wedding for 50 or so you could book out the whole place, if the wedding is larger you could take all the rooms and have other guests but they can stay at other hotels depending on style/budget  etc.  Always nice to see these properties as they just aren’t the ones that jump up on search engines or come to mind as the name doesn’t mean anything.

Of course the big hotels/resorts are out in Palm Springs also, with the multi banquet/ballrooms, ceremony sites, hotel style we are all used to etc, many boutique properties, outlet shopping, tons of restaurants, golf etc.  This is a great option for a destination wedding if the ocean if not your thing.  Options, options, options.

Let me know if I can help you with a Palm Springs destination wedding.

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