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Ritz-Carlton Laguna Wedding – Elegant

Well the pictures that follow are the end result of the vision of the bride, and my tweaking to ensure she got the optimum end result, and that her guests experienced a fabulous celebration.  I said that because, I was booked for  Month Of service so when the bride and I sat down to see what she had been doing (and she had been very busy) I could see some things that were not logistically going to work, and that she had options she had not thought of, and I also saw dollars that had been spent that if I had been in from the beginning would have been saved-as she was contracted and would not get what she had deposited back, this part was better left alone to cause less stress.  So needless to say, at the end of the meeting she was a bit overwhelmed and frustrated because the vendors she had been working with had been okaying things/planning with her, but not one had taken any other element/item/component of the celebration into account.  If they were each intruments in an orchestra they would not have been playing anything that made sense or sounded good on the day.  Thus the need for the conductor/me.  For any friends/family that my lovely bride knows who are getting married from here on out, she says she will be advising them to get me/someone from the get-go.

Anyway, the end result was the Plaza Room was set in an unusual way with a mix of square and round tables, and the cake was centered to the foyer doors as that was where the guests entered in from.  In order to make this set work, the dancefloor was small but enough for this intimate celebration.  As you can see from the photos below her taste was exquisite and the most beautiful, elegant celebration was enjoyed by those lucky enough to be included.

Thanks to my lovely bride for utilizing my preferred vendor list and choosing  – Jeff/Moondance for the mcee/dinner/dancing music, and Nisie’s Enchanted Florist for her as always elegant floral design (and thanks Nisie for the wonderful photos below).

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