Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa

December 4, 2011 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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I was invited by Sandy and the team to come on over and see how things looked after the multi million dollar renovation was complete.

Wow, what a shock.  This hotel has done a 360 from the nautical old/tired yet comfy feel, to a very hip/cool atmosphere both inside and out.  I seem to always have some guests stay here when I have weddings at hotels close by and they definately won’t be disappointed or feel like they are at a lesser hotel now, and after many years where they had a great wedding program, then due to losing people with the passion and going through the changes and the property not keeping up with all those around, it seems that the new team and look of the property together is reviving life up at the Marriott on the hill.  I am even more pleased that I saw it when I did, because one of  my couples for 2012 were booked elsewhere, the groom saw this property and cancelled the other hotel and now I have a wedding I will be doing here, been way too long.

And add to this, the spa facility which I think is just fabulous for ‘girls pre wedding get togethers’ utilising the outside courtyard with fireplace and lounging room, which is available to any one to book and use, even if you aren’t having your wedding here,  call and speak to the Spa manager about booking that area for your group.  They will bring the food/beverages in, and not to forget mentioning, the massages and treatments are really really good too!!!

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