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Been Busy!!!

Well, how time flies when you are having fun.  Seems like I just got off the plane from downunder, but a month has gone by.

Hope Valentine’s Day was enjoyed by all!

So what have I been up to, no pics to show, but hopefully info of interest.

Had a lunch meeting at a very neat restaurant on Balboa Island, The Dock, really cute/intimate environment.  I can see it working beautifully for Newport/Pelican based wedding events, for rehearsal dinners, or welcome dinners, or one of the meals being done for a group around a wedding event.

Got caught up with Monica who handles rehearsal dinners at French 75, Laguna,  and Savannah Chop House, Bear Brand/Dana Point.  These have been two restaurants my couples have used a lot in the past for rehearsal dinners, prewedding get-togethers, both have separate rooms/areas which are lovely.  Due to their parent company having some probs over the past year, I thought they were gone forever, but these two restaurants are back in business with a new ownership group, and back for pre-wedding events.  Excellent food/lovely atmospheres/great service – contact Monica if interested in either of these locations, at 949 718 4631×4

Classic Party/Event Rentals, on Harbor Blvd here in the OC, had a few of us over to see new items they had to offer.  Piping & draping, some beautiful chandeliers, and I noticed some really unique baseplates/chargers on display also.  24 Carrots catered the food, and it was lovely, nice showcase by all.

Didn’t make it to an event at Erin Cole Couture where selections from Vera Wang were being celebrated.  Busy with a couple meeting with florists, that took longer than it should have, but well worth it, they love their choice and how their vision is becoming a reality.

I went to an event up in Hollywood last week, it was held at the Taglyan Cultural Complex.  There is a church next door that apparently is available for ceremonies, but the facility itself seems to be more reception only.  A nice outdoor entrance area, good size foyer, and then lovely square ballroom.  The ceiling was unbelievable, very Tiffany glass style/feel, just gorgeous.  Had to remember to look up to appreciate it though. 

Roy’s in Pasadena had a wee open house/showcase of their banquet room where you can hold rehearsal dinners.  Great entrance to this restaurant and nice feel inside.  If you love seafood this is a great option for you, if you are having your event at the Langham or other hotels/locations in this area.  Gets you into the downtown area which is nice as Pasadena has such a nice small ‘town’ feel in the town!!  If that makes sense.

Went and checked out the the Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa yesterday.  First off, living here so close to the ocean and with most couples I work with wanting to have an ocean backdrop, whenever I go to see ‘inland’ locations I always wonder why someone would choose to go inland over ocean, if budget wasn’t an issue (and sometimes it is not less expensive depending on the resort).  Well, it was well worth the drive.  What a lovely resort, you feel like you have entered another world.  Reminded me a bit of the feel of  The One and Only in Cabo.  A hacienda/spanish feel resort to me, with lovely landscaping, and the accommodations are gorgeous – from lead in up.  The ceremony would be outside on a lovely lawn, and you can have your reception inside or outside in a tent you would bring in, or open to the sky.  After parties are big for the outdoor events, as the music must be off at 10pm when outside.  The food was lovely, staff there love their jobs and the location and most have been there a long time.  I love it when I stumble upon something new that suprises and impresses me.

The drive to and from Rancho Valencia was lovely.  The rain that we all complain about has made our hills and brown grass fields beautiful and green.  Very european feeling when you look at the countryside right now.  Blossom trees are starting to flower around us, daffidols are popping up, aaah life is good, and spring must be close.  Enjoy our views for now, won’t be long and the summer/heat will be back and we will have the brown scenery again (if you aren’t looking at the ocean that is!!).

The rain, I had a lovely couple who had planned their wedding celebration for Sat Feb 27.  Yes, the day that the weather website showed 100% chance of rain, which I have never seen before.  Yikes.  Well the good news is, my groom was able to ride in on a white horse, and we had a weather backup planned inside, which we were able to move last minute to another room where the view of the ocean was still visible to the guests, yet we were inside, could hear clearly, and not have to deal with any of the elements, rain/cold etc.  And around 10 mins into the cere, it persisted down, torrential rain, haven’t seen anything like it for a looooong time.  Fate plays such a part in any plans, there are no guarantees, you can steer events based on past history/time of year and day, but when you plan a winter wedding, even here in S Ca, you have to be ready in case things are going to happen naturally, as opposed to a heatwave that would be really out of the ordinary.  The great news is, after the day was over, my bride was thrilled with how everything turned out, and in fact, used the word ‘perfect’.  Aaah.

Well the big event this weekend is the Oscars.  Last year I was lucky enough to be at the Oscars and walked the red carpet!!  Now before you get too excited, I was a limo door opener, which meant I stood out on the street where we had 4 lanes of limos that came at you, celebs walking past you from the eco car line, or out of the limo someone else just let them out of, and of course we never knew who would be in the limo we were opening the doors for.  Very exciting.  Then ……. after eating a pasta buffet at the Hollywood Bowl with all the limo drivers, we went back and walked the red carpet (see told you I did) to our new position which was at the bottom of the grand staircase, and all the celebs would come down and have us call their limo drivers to come and get them.  It was a long day, but really a fun neat experience.  Sean Penn even gave us his oscar to hold/pass around while he waited for his limo driver to respond to the call.  See life is funny you can have goals and plans.  I walked my father into the Ritz Carlton/Laguna around 23 years ago and told him I would work there one day, now I do, but not quite the way I thought I would be (ie working for them in the catering/sales office), and I did drama/acting in New Zealand and belonged to the Screen Actors Guild and always said I would go to the Oscars one day, guess the part I left off that could have made the difference is if I also said what I would wear, ie  a gown.  As we wore black pants and tuxedo jacket to open the doors.  I was in NZ when the call came to volunteer again, so missed the deadline, but  I am very happy to stay home and watch it on tv, as I did miss that part of the event (have watched it every year on tv as I really enjoy it), and having Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosting as well as the great movies that are nominated and seeing if there will be suprises, it will be nice to sit in the chair eating and drinking (couldn’t go to the bathroom for hours last year) and be warm and cosy.  I saw the movie An Education on the plane coming back, had never heard of it but watched it and loved it, kind of a Nine feel movie, that bygone era where europeon everything seemed exotic and really just, very european, loved them both.  Also be interesting to see if George Clooney gets the award for Up in the Air, he really did suprise with that role, it wasn’t what you expected walking in and during at all, great acting/good movie.

Had a lovely wedding planned for earlier in Feb, unfortunately it got cancelled a week before, wee suggestion, before committing to and spending a lot of money that will not be refunded or be able to be reused – get pre-nups or other challenges handled.  Will save a lot of heartbreak for everyone involved.  Oh dear!!!

So that’s me for now.

Back later with whatever tidbits I have to share.


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