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December 16, 2009 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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I am using this blog as an excuse to get you the great shot below.  Things happen for a reason.  Had a lovely couple book me 6 months ago for a Dec wedding.  They were both Japanese, the groom lived in San Diego and the bride was coming over in August to check on things then go back to Japan, and stay here after the wedding.  Well in November he got transferred back to Japan!!  Wow, talk about a turn in events.  Now they are both living over there but having a wedding here, and because everyone had tickets and plans to be here, went ahead with it.  Who knew Sat would be the rainiest Sat we have had in years (well it felt that way).  We changed our minds on the ceremony being in/out a few times in the two hours leading up to the cere time.  We were ready to go out and then the rain hit again, so last minute we came up with the beautiful fountain in the Courtyard being their backdrop and they would get married under the overhang and the guests would stand under there also, a really intimate setting.  After the wedding they got the pics on the cliff with the ocean below and a great variety of indoor shots at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton, Laguna, as they have so many lovely lcoations.  Then at the very end, last minute decision was made to still go down to the beach, sunset (what sun?) was in 5 mins, but the bride still wanted to go down, and the shot below was one of the outcomes of that trip.  Wow.  Without the weather we had that day, they would not have had so many great backdrops or the shot that ended the day below.

They had a great celebration with a little bit of everything happening in the luncheon/dancing time, lots of emotional moments, and some crazy dancing (they told me no-one would want to dance!!!!) that we felt bad having to end it.  I hear that if it rains on your wedding day, that is a sign of financial and wedded success, I truly hope and feel this is the case for this lovely lovely couple.  I called them my cutest couple for 09.

If you are in the Lake Forest area close to my office, a really neat wine restaurant you must visit is called Crush. Cnr of Lake Forest/Lambert streets.  Great atmosphere, food, and if you like wine you are in heaven.  I have been a few times, and went again last week with my friend Caren,  it reminded me that I should go more often.

Went with my husband to see Up in the Air with George Cloony, what a great movie.  Didn’t want it to end.  Don’t know what I expected, maybe a comedy, but it wasn’t anything I could have imagined, had those ‘oh dear’ moments, some laughs and some awkward moments when you all gasped.  It was a real life movie, and one that ended up releasing at a time that it all seemed so ‘in the times’, doubt that was the intent when it was filmed.

Ok, that’s it for this one.  It was really to get this great shot out by my good friend Frank Salas/Master of Photography!!!!!

Till next time


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