Pueblo Bonito Resorts, Cabo

December 11, 2009 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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A couple of weeks ago, I was part of a group of 13 co-ordinators from all over the country that were invited to come to Cabo and experience the properties of the above company.

They have 5 resorts in Cabo San Lucas, and there is something for everyone there.  I was at the Holistic Resort & Spa.  Reminded me very much of Arizona, except there was a view of the Pacific o cean which brought the best of two worlds together.  It was a lovely quiet resort, 2 pools, a coffee shop, sushi bar, and a restaurant that looks over the pools to the sand to the ocean and the food was excellent.  I had a rack of lamb that was to die for.  The really cool thing that catches your eye immediately is that there are about 5 cabana beds just sitting out on the huge stretch of sand which are fabulous.  It feels like looking at the desert and you see something there that must be a mirage, very cool.  Didn’t get a chance t experience those, but I hear that for $80 or so dollars you get the use for the day and it includes all food and beverages, sounds like a deal to me, now again, I heard that, don’t know for sure, so don’t quote me.

The resort next door to us that was way up on the hill and just flowed down to the sand like a waterfall of buildings is their Sunset property.  It is primarily a timeshare but also has  hotel rooms  and a lovely spa.  The accommodations here are fabulous, the most luxurious, well presented/feeling I have ever seen for a majority timeshare property.  Many pools, including one at the very top of the resort way up on the hill where you can watch the sunset from, awesome, and then one way down right at the sand, and a bunch in between.  You get around by golf carts that continuosly run up and down the hill on a Lombard/San Fran style cart road, hilarious.  In the dark for the first time after a couple of drinks quite exciting and in the daytime just really enjoyable to watch the view and the beautiful landscaping they have.

They had 2 properties along the beach from downtown Cabo that we saw also, both different so you would pick your style.  I believe one was inclusive.  From either of these you step from their grounds right onto the sand and then 20′ away you can swim in the bay, something that can not be done in the ocean at the other two resorts.  A 5 min walk along the beach and you are enjoying the fun sand restaurants like The Office, and others, for those of you that know what I am talking about.

There is something to be said for each resort.  They are unique in their own ways and offer a different style/feel, so that you can pick which is right for you.  They all offer beach/sand weddings, the Sunset has a lovely Mexican/religous  feeling chapel, and have locations where you can dine/dance under the stars or use an inside room if you are wanting to create a totally different environment.  The really great thing about a group of resorts like this under one umbrella, is if you have a group coming down and everyone is on different budgets, they can stay at the resort that matches them, and then come to where your wedding will be, and go back to their own place that night.  They have shuttles that run between all the resorts so even if you prefer a quiet place to sleep at, you can spend all day at one of the downtown locations and charge to your room and enjoy those facilities.

I can also see here where it may be that you stay at the downtown bay area properties for the pre wedding festivities, girls/guy nights, then move to Sunset and do the wedding/reception there, and then you ditch everyone and go to the Holistic Resort & Spa to ‘honeymoon’, yet you can still see any remaining family/friends if you choose or feel like you are in another world and pretend they aren’t even close.

They have properties in other areas/cities in Mexico, definately a great contender for anyone considering a wedding in Cabo.

Definately a good option for anyone considering a wedding down in Cabo.

My next blog will be on Destination Weddings.

Till then



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